Poetry will not die!

   I heard the collective gasp, to which I heartily contributed, at the recent report of poetry being a dying art form: http://www.newsweek.com/id/191012?from=rss . Upon reading it, I asked friends and colleagues “what’s to be done about this?” “Is it just drivel, designed to fill column space?” However, something about it was resonating, striking an unconscious chord. So, answering my own question and doing what I always do in situations like that, I put on my boots and prepared to march behind my pen ~ problem was, which direction to march? 

   Finally it came to me that the best direction was backward, completely counter to my marching habits heretofore. Strong is the inclination to reach back in my own past and find out what it was that instilled in me this unconditional love of poetry. Maybe then we can find a successful way  to inspire the incoming generations. Now, I can’t go as far back as my genetic make-up. I don’t think we’re going to find it there anyway. Then there’s the on going left brain/right brain conversations. Within my particular body they are both working at par level, but have yet to become acquainted with one another.

    Did my mother read Dr. Seuss to me on a regular basis? I honestly can’t remember but we’ll talk about him in another post. Music played a large part in our lives and, back then, the songs rhymed. This could be a part of it I suppose. However, it’s not the “trigger” I’m looking for because if our youth of today don’t do anything else, they love their music.

   While I’m going to be searching through my past and my early education, I am also going to be taking a look at history. It is reckoned that poetry predated literacy, being used, for example, as a means to convey the news, lore, family history, and to entertain. Praise be to the bards and minstrels!

   I hope you join me on the journey and contribute your comments. I suspect that very few of us operating within this genre wake up with writer’s block. Oh, and on that subject and in closing, let me share with you some verse written in my “younger days”.

There lay the notepad neatly lined,

barren of the author’s mind.

What be the cause for such a sight?

It lies nearby in candlelight ~

a book, with lifetime’s mellowed hue.

He finally said what he wanted to.



~ L

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  1. L – how wonderful. You are so talented. Can’t wait for future updates. Congrats! S

  2. Thank you for your poem – very visual. And thank you for quoting Willie Wordsworth’s Intimations. I think the younger set who doesn’t have time to read is really missing out. You go girl!!!!

    • Thanks! Check back in often as I suspicion the “masters” will be making cameo appearances from time to time. “Time”…non-renewable. Could be you’ve given me the next post ;-). Thanks again.
      ~ L

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