The Troubadour

The place had not been found nor had the song been written

that could match his sadness, gladness and his tears.

No town had given him the breath of its existence,

though all he sought was solace from the years.

Happiness was singing to his friends and loved ones

out behind a house to call his home.

Lonliness was following a roadshow, looking for those people ~

hoping for a song about a place to call his own.

   The troubadours of the middles ages were certainly not the first to carry “the word” in rhyme. In fact, evidence of poetic form has been found in the runestones and stellae, to name a few places.  Nevertheless there’s a troubadour in all of us. We tell our stories in the best way we can so that they will be remembered. Maybe you have, in your stash of CD’s, examples of some of the modern day troubadours. They are our singer/songwriters.

I personally think the inclination is genetic, but it’s evolving out of us from lack of use.  There are blogs out there today that are challenging poets to create a poem a day. Of course, only those of us interested in the genre are going to click on those sites. I wonder (#4,283) if school teachers are using the same method to challenge their captive audience. If so, are they starting in elementary school?

Poetry is one of the few examples left to us today of the exercise outweighing the end result. At some point, poetry took a backslide. I believe it was when it became some kind of elite art form that closed its mind to all forms of the art. Sort of ironic, eh? To simplify, if it was not written in the “accepted” form of the day, it just wasn’t any good.  Hogwash! This Judas of Poetry has resulted in many a potential poet to choose another avenue of expression because they are afraid to try, afraid to be judged as lesser than. Hrrrmmmphhh!

I said it once and I will reiterate, I am no teacher. I do not even aspire to such lofty a goal. I just love poetry ~ in all forms. It doesn’t have to have music to make it lyrical. It doesn’t have to follow a particular form. It doesn’t have to either rhyme or not rhyme. It is an exercise in self expression ~ an avenue, if you will, to capture life, beauty, art, etc., in written word. It is in the trying that we grow… in a way that rivals few others.

Yep, that’s what I believe.

~ L

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A Familiar Cadence

   What is the first poem you remember from your childhood? In my case, it was a Swedish prayer which was said before our meal. I can no longer recite the words, but the cadence stays with me even today. How about “Twinkle, twinkle little star…” or “Now I lay me down to sleep…”? Shall we take a poll? (more…)

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